Monday, August 24, 2009

TOP PICK: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

I adore these eyeliners... adore! They are, by far, the most long-lasting eyeliners that I have ever used, and far superior to MAC Fluidlines and Stila Smudgepots. It's better than MAC because they aren't as slippery, and therefore you have more control when applying. It's better than the Stila because the finish is not as matte and flat. And, of course, the Bobbi surpasses both in longevity.
This is available in 17 colors, in varying shades and in metallic or regular finishes. The two that I swear by are Espresso and Caviar. Espresso is a coffee color with no hints of red at all, and is enough to define my dark brown eyes. (I usually cannot wear brown liners because I need a lot of eye definition.) Caviar is an even darker brown, almost black... so pretty!

$21 for a little pot seems a little expensive, but even with daily use, I've still had my Espresso one for like 6 months, which is way longer than some pencils. I'll probably throw it out within the year, though, just because the idea of dipping a brush in there every day seems very bacteria-ridden. (I am also the girl who throws her mascara away exactly at 3 months, if not sooner!)

Definitely try this! You're guaranteed to find a color you like, and you will be pleased with the lasting power and results!

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