Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dual Finish... or not?

Lancome's Dual Finish powder foundation gives me some fond makeup memories. This was one of my first "real" makeup purchases, and I still remember being at Parisian (the department store chain) with my mom. This was the mid-90's, and the color offerings of Lancome weren't quite to the extent that they are now. At that point in time, the SA had matched me with Matte Porcelain d'Ivoire 1, which was slightly too pale and too peachy for me.

When I went to exchange my Photogenic Lumessence compact (reviewed previously), I decided to give this old-timer another shot. After much deliberation and trying on about 5 different colors, the SA and I agreed that Matte Linen 1 was a good match. Currently, this is available in about 35 colors (in the non-fragrance-free line), so finding something that works is easier.

Dual Finish retails for $35.50 now, which is not too bad for a powder foundation. It comes with a puff (for touch-ups) and with a thick sponge that is intended for wet application of this foundation. With these options, you're supposed to be able to get a sheer to heavy coverage. Unfortunately, I find that the wet application yields a slightly streaky finish, and the puff application on its own is too sheer. I find the perfect application method for me is to use the sponge, but dry.

Annoyingly, Lancome has not updated the compact to be able to simultaneously house the puff and the sponge. I took the puff out of mine and kind of shoved the sponge in, but there's really not enough room inside, and I have a feeling the compact will pop open soon. *sigh*

Also, as mentioned before, this is available in a fragrance-free version; however, the colors are not as extensive. I heard that the fragrance-free version is being discontinued? (Don't know for a fact, as it is still available online.) There is a very slight floral scent (kind of similar to the Shiseido Powdery Foundation) that fades away soon after application.

I do like this better than, say, MAC Studio Fix (less cakey), but do have to note that it accentuates any dry patches you may have, so be sure to exfoliate before applying. As for oil control, this does control oil quite well... I only got slightly dewy in the T-zone on a hot summer day, and that was without a primer underneath.

Overall, I would repurchase, but my fave ever powder foundation is still Dior Forever.

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