Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guerlain Le 2 Mascara

I am a definitely mascara-holic, as you can see from my reviews. I just raved about the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes, which I adore, but I am also very fickle and like to try new things. So, when I returned the Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension, I actually picked up another tube of Guerlain Le 2.

This is actually my second time purchasing this mascara. The first time was about 1 1/2 years ago, when Saks had it in a Marc Jacobs beauty bag with some other items from YSL, Dior, and Giorgio Armani. I'd had no interest in this mascara, mostly because I am lazy and don't usually see the value in using 2 different steps, and also because of the prohibitive price of $35.

This is in a gorgeous, undulating gold tube (yeah - I used undulating - LOL.) I forget who designed the tube, but I believe he won (or was nominated) for some design award. So if you're looking to spruce up your makeup bag, then this fits the bill. Unfortunately, it's also quite long -- significantly moreso than regular mascara and lipgloss tubes -- and does not fit in my Sephora train case.

The main brush is one of those flexible plastic cylindrical brushes. The bristles are quite dense, and longer than the ones in Chanel Inimitable (which I have also purchased a few times), so they can better separate each of the lashes. Also, the tip of the brush is tapered, so you can reach into the inner and outer corners and also use the tip to cover the bottom lashes comfortably (unlike, say, Cover Girl Lashblast or the YSL rubber bristle one.)

The small brush is a regular fiber brush, but it is teeny tiny, and is slightly bent at an angle. The brush actually reminds me a bit of Maybelline Lash Discovery (a mascara that I do like), except the angle makes it more conducive to getting those inner and outer corners more carefully.

Essentially, with these 2 brushes, you should be able to coat every single lash easily and without smudging on the lid or the skin around the eye.

The black is a deep, glossy black - doesn't look gray or faded. Additionally, it volumizes quite well, and it also lengthens decently. It also curls a bit (though for perfect, fanned out lashes, I still have to use a lash curler) and holds the curl while keeping the lashes soft all day. I hate crunchy lashes, and you will not have them with this mascara. Also, it is not waterproof, but I do think it's water resistant, as it does stay on all day without flaking until you use makeup remover to take it off.

Overall, this is one of my favorite mascaras. While I wouldn't purchase it every time I need a new mascara, I do think it is a great one, and appreciate it quite a bit. Available at Sephora and Guerlain counters.

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