Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Viva" Viva Glam!

Somehow, I always get sucked into the different MAC campaigns that come out every 6 weeks or so. Viva Glam is no exception... I have followed this collection since the original, RuPaul days. I was originally intrigued by the AIDS project, but it's also great to know the good cause is championed with a good product.

The collection is now 9 strong, with 3 lipglasses (Viva Glam V, VI, VI SE) and 6 lipsticks (I-VI). The latest in the collection are the VI SE ("special edition) which are advertised by Fergie. The VI SE lipglass came out last year, and is a cool-toned light pink with some shimmer and pearl to it. The VI SE lipstick came out just a few weeks ago.

It is a mid-tone, cool-based pink without shimmer or pearl. The formulation is lustre, which is slightly shinier and moisturizing than the satins or mattes without being too sheer. Compared to, say, Syrup, this is cooler and goes on more lavender-based, but tonally, it is similar.

On me, a warm-toned light beige gal, this is surprisingly pretty attractive. I do think it would be super hot on someone with cool undertones and light-colored eyes, though. (Guess that's why they picked Fergie-ferg.) I like layering the VI SE gloss on top to give the lips more dimension and add more staying power.

Overall, for under $15, this is a good purchase for me, and I would probably rebuy if I ran out (though, for the record, I've never finished a lipstick!) If you're afraid of the coolness, I would recommend VGV or the regular VGVI.

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