Monday, April 27, 2009

Shiseido "Perfect" Rouge?

Dick Page is one of my favorite makeup artists. I tried to get backstage at the Narciso show to meet him, but that didn't happen... so instead, I just follow his work through magazines and online. Ever since he has been the creative director for Shiseido, I have paid more attention to their products.

Perfect Rouge is their latest lipstick venture. It retails for $25USD (hefty price tag!), and there are 20 colors in the current line-up, ranging from rich reds, to deep wines, to light pinks, peaches and nudes. Now, the term "perfect" shouldn't be used lightly, as that is making a pretty steep claim. Shiseido's schpiel is: "Driven by the advanced technology of Dual Optimizing Powder, Ultra-Fine Satin Smooth Pearl, and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, each radiant shade gives lips lustrous, all-day moisture and a protective veil that actually improves texture. " According to previous editorials, the pigments in this also adjust and stay true in different lighting.

There is no SPF, so I'm not sure what protective veil they are referring to. The color that I got was BE208 - Baby, which is a light creamy peachy pink-beige. For the $25, this lipstick is very pigmented without being too heavy. There is no greasiness or waxiness, nor is there is any dryness or weird lipstick smell. The opacity is quite good without looking like it is just sitting on the lips. Also, it is quite long-lasting... for me, about 4 hours without eating food. I did drnk water throughout the time, and some color did come off on my glass, but enough stayed on my lips that I didn't have to retouch.

I do hope they come out with other colors, like more nudes. I tried on some other colors, but I think for my complexion as well as my pink-pigmented lips, this was the most attractive.

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