Thursday, April 30, 2009

T3 Pro Wet-Or-Dry

I love spending money on my hair, but hate investing in styling tools because I'm fairly lazy and also am horrible at styling hair. However, since I no longer get chemical straightening, the flat iron's importance in my life has increased. My slightly wavy, thick hair doesn't lend itself to sexy Gisele waves anytime.

I first saw the T3 Pro Wet and Dry iron in an editorial, and it was purported to be able to straighten your hair and dry it at the same time. Now, because of my aforementioned laziness, I was thinking this would be a good investment for me in case I did decide to dry and straighten simultaneously.

This iron is a hideous hot pink plastic with white cord and white tourmaline infused plates. It heats up to 410 degrees F in seconds, which is fairly impressive. I usually use a straightening balm with it (such as Phytodefrisant or Living Proof.). I find this makes my hair straight with one or two passes, and it doesn't snag my hair like my Revlon ceramic iron does. The straightness lasts throughout the day and possibly to the next wash.

I've only used this on damp hair, so I can't comment on its efficacy to fully dry the hair. I do notice that is is hard to get to the very start of the roots, when hair is damp, so I imagine it would be a problem with wet hair.

This cost $119USD, and comes with a 2 year warranty. I had a 15% discount at, so that helped, as the price is a little steep. It is probably not 3X better than a drugstore $40 iron, but I would say maybe 2X? So it's not exponentially proportionate with the price, but it is certainly better.

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