Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CHANEL Summer 2009 (Yum!)

I was eagerly awaiting this collection to hit the stores and actually got to check it out before the official store release at Macy's back in March. Unfortunately, since they had no testers, I wasn't able to try anything on. But, I did have an idea already in mind of what to get.

Angela Levin, who does Jennifer Aniston's makeup, had used the Aqualumiere lipstick in Panarea and the Quadra bronzer on Jen for the Academy Awards, so I knew I wanted to get those items. I'd also seen online another Aqualumiere lippie, in Salina, that I'd wanted to try.
Those were the only 3 items that I bought from the collection. The full collection includes a quadra eyeshadow (which the colors looked too rusty/bronzy to flatter my pale warm-toned skin); 6 Aqualumiere lipsticks: 4 Aqualumiere glosses; 2 bronzing powders (one compact, one loose): 1 blush.... Please see the link below for the Chanel site which details everything, in case I missed something.

As for my little purchases (pictured above) - I adore the 4 Facettes bronzing powder. I like that it has several different shades which can be blended together for a peachy-bronze glow, or used separately for contouring and highlighting. There is a bit of shimmer finish, but not enough that you would look like a disco ball. Also, the brush is dual-sided with firm black bristles (for denser application) and fluffy white bristles (for a lighter hand.). This is a pricey product, at $65USD, but to me, its versatility is well worth the price.

Now, for my 2 lippies... As with other Aqualumieres, this has a sheer, somewhat glossy finish, which means that lasting power is probably not as long as a satin or matte lippie, but the fact that it wears comfortably and has SPF 15 is a bonus for me. Plus, who doesn't like whipping out the elegant black tube with gold trim?

Panarea is a brownish nude berry with slight shimmer/pearliness. It is quite complementary to my skintone, and I imagine that it would work for a wide array of skintones. It gives a "your lips but better" look, and I think the shade is quite appropriate for the office or for the evening.
Salina is a light, beigey-pink with some goldish shimmer pearl to it. It reminds me a bit of a less pink Waikiki, if you're familiar with that color. Since I love nude-ish lips, this is a great buy for me, because it has just enough pink and shimmer in it so as not to look dead. But - if you find that you get washed out with light colors, you may want to pass on this one.

These retail for $28USD, which is pricey, but you are definitely paying for a good quality product with a nice name. :)

Overall, these are must-haves in my makeup bag, and I am very happy with my purchase!

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