Friday, April 17, 2009

Addicted to Dior Lippies

I remember when Dior first converted to the whole "Addict" concept about 10 or so years ago. I bought into the original Addict lipsticks, which I adored because of the flashy and unique packaging. Now, we have the latest incarnation, the Dior Addict Lipcolors, which promise high color payoff with a lightweight and shiny texture.

The new collection has a total of 24 colors, ranging from pales to brights, and even a few darker shades thrown in. I, of course, being the nude and pink aficionado, purchased 3 in: #223 - Beige Negligee, #219 - Undressed Pink, #319 - Beige Dandy, which are a shimmery peachy-pink with golden pearl, a creamy nude pink with no shimmer, and a shimmery peachy-beige with gold shimmer. They retail for $26USD each which is kind of a hefty investment, but well worth it.
Packaging is very cute and Dior, with an exterior silver-toned mirrored case that covers the whole tube and etched with "Dior." The actual tube is quite thin, but for some reason, the exterior case is thick and a tad bulky. (Please see pic above.)

The lippie does live up to its promise.. There s no waxiness at all, and it almost feels water-like on the lips. It just glides on. The finish is semi-gloss, so not too shiny. The density of the color, though, even in the lighter shades, is incredible. The lasting power is superior to most glossy or light lipsticks, and wears for a couple of hours without losing its sheen or luster. There is no scent (much improvement to the old school Dior lippies which have a perfumey-flower odor, or even compared to the Rouge Diors.)

I like these a lot and will repurchase in the shades that I bought (if I ever use them up!). I'm also open to trying other colors. I bet the brights in this line are gorgeous!

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