Saturday, May 9, 2009

TOP PICK: Elnett Hairspray (French version)

I have to preface this with the statement that I don't use many styling products. I hate having my hair bogged down with anything, much less hairspray. However, Elnett is in its own category.

I first read about this legend in the pages of my magazines many years ago. Unfortunately, my first trip to Paris wasn't until 2006, which was when I got my first bottle. (It was unavailable in the U.S.) When I tried to buy it here, stores like Zitomer were selling it for upwards of $30USD, which is insane.

This spray is amazing, though. What makes it great is that it holds without any sort of stiffness, and you can brush through it without experiencing any sort of flakiness or "hairspray dandruff." It feels like your hair, but with more control and body. Now, if you like the shellacked look, then this is not for you. But if you are looking for natural-looking hold, like your hair is just naturally obedient, then try this!

I do have to add a disclaimer, however. Elnett recently became available in the U.S., sold exclusively at Target for about $12-$13USD, and unfortunately, this doesn't quite compare. Because of the different drug as well as environmental regulations in America, this has a different propellant. Even if you hold the bottles in your hand, you'll notice the American one seems heavier, even though the bottles are the same size and contain the same amount.

The mist on the U.S. one is not quite a fine, which means that unfortunately, you will get that hairspray stiffness in certain parts of your hair. Plus, it feels heavier and like it doesn't hold as well. This is quite sad, because it means acquiring this product is still a bit difficult. Luckily, my friend Aurelie just sent me 3 bottles - yay!

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