Thursday, May 14, 2009

Like a "Virgin Kiss"ed for the Very First Time...

I can't get Madonna's "Like a Virgin" out of my head! I think the cute name is what initially attracted me to MAC's Virgin Kiss lipglass, since I actually don't favor MAC glosses too much. This one is from the most recent Rose Romance collection which came out a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, from everything in the collection, this was the only thing that captured my attention.

Virgin Kiss is a light, peachy-pink color with silver microglitter. It goes on quite sheer, and really just enhances the lip color. For me, since I have rather pink pigmented lips, this works quite well, because it doesn't brighten my lips too much. My only complaint is that the glitter/shimmer can look really silvery-icy in fluorescent light, which is not always too attractive. Also, like other MAC lipglasses, this has a tendency to be a bit sticky and tacky, unfortunately.

If you do like glosses without too much color, then do try this. If you're looking for something that you could wear over another lipstick to accentuate it, then you should also try this. It would look great over any light pink/nude-ish lippies, I think. This retails for $14.00USD. For a cheaper alternative, I have been told that Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Mango Madness is a close dupe. I haven't tried it personally, though!

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