Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miranda Kerr's Makeup in Korean ELLE

It always amuses me when Asian editions of magazines fill their editorials with non-Asian models. I suppose I'm probably the only Asian person who wants to see fellow Asians in a magazine. One time, I bought Japanese VOGUE only to find that there was not one Asian model on any of the pages.

Regardless, I do enjoy this picture of supermodel Miranda Kerr from a spread in Korean ELLE magazine. The makeup was done by artist Troy Jensen, who has done the makeup of such femme fatales as Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and J.Lo. In this particular shoot, he uses exclusively products from Dior.

Since I'm a big Dior fan of my own, I decided to strive to re-create this look in my YouTube Video, using the same Dior eyeshadow quint (Ready-to-Glow) that he did, but substituting some other products of my own. Let me know what you think of the Asian version! :)

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